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Professional and creative

"Definitely the best experience I've had working with Erik at Level3Studios. The creative level was magnified with his insight and knowledge.

                                              -Jon Vesano (In-Defilade/Nile/Darkmoon)

The Studio 


Erik Schultek

   What separates a local, novice production from the rest? ……well….It's obvious in the final product.

But, do you know the many steps it takes to get your production there? 


We do and specifically what we do is make YOUR VISION a REALITY.


   Combining professional analog and digital audio recording, Level 3 Studios has the gear and expertise to make your production stand out above the rest. 

   Cut tight drum tracks or crunchy amped cabinets in our live room, punchy vocals in our  isolation booth, or watch it all come together during the mixing process in our spacious monitor room….

   Level 3 Studios provides any artist with the necessary top end gear and comfortable environment needed for a truly professional production.

   Everything from our high quality rooms, drums, preamps, and microphones. All provide the solid foundation for any artist to create their vision.  

Lodging also available for out of town guests.

   An accomplished and versatile drummer over the last two decades, Erik has established himself as a well rounded and knowledgeable drummer of many influences with a strong work ethic and has been recognized in publications such as Drum Magazine and SickDrummer Magazine. 

   When not teaching private drum lessons or tracking drums as a session musician, Erik is fully immersed into producing high-quality and professional audio for clients all over the globe.

​   He has collaborated professionally with established and noteworthy musicians across the musical spectrum as well as studied under some of the industry's top audio engineers. His passion for helping mold a professional product has earned him the reputation of a reliable and in-demand audio producer/engineer.

   "For the past 25+ years, I've trained tirelessly to advance and refine my techniques and musicianship.

This journey of continued learning has been amazing on so many levels and has introduced me to a vast world of amazing people and musicians all over the globe - which in turn, inspires me. 

   In any creative field you need two things: PASSION and DETERMINATION..

Both are a necessity to realize your true potential. The result of which, lives forever in your recordings."

                                                                                                                               - Erik Schultek