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In-Defilade 2017

DW's and ESP's…a winning combo!


Andols Herrick and I discussing kick drum beater placement and response. Andols rules!                                     Cleveland, OH 2012

Chilling with Fear Factory                            Milwaukee, WI 2014

Dallas Toler-Wade, George Kollias, and I at the Rave.

                                                                                        Milwaukee 2013

   Myself and Rob Arnold tracking at RobArnoldWorld Studios

                                                             Cleveland,Oh    sometime in 2011-2012

Killer drummer Kevin Talley!!!!      Milwaukee  2012

Ambassador Hotel with Kollias and Dallas

Milwaukee Wisconsin 2013

Recording drums for the Chimaira classic…."Cleansation" with Eyal Levi and Rob Arnold.                                                                   Cleveland,Oh 2014​

Derek Roddy and I backstage prior to his drum clinic

Milwaukee, WI 2013

Sometimes simplicity is better...

"Chimaira" and good bourbon!                      Green Bay, Wi 2012

Audio Production~Mixing~Session Drums-Mastering                                 Oregon, WI USA