Episode 005- Jon Vesano

Episode 003- Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 1

Podcast 8: James Payne

If you know extreme metal drums you may know James Payne. His reputation for speed, power, and finesse as a drummer for multiple professional and touring bands has brought him to the forefront of today's modern metal drummers. His website is full of lessons on his technique. Learn how to train the brain properly to develop the abilities it takes to play at these high speeds with power and dynamics. Checkout: www.Jamespaynedrums.com for more information.

Podcast 5: Jon Vesano

Jon Vesano stops by to discuss all things metal, what's it's like touring the world with Nile, and the upcoming release of In-Defilade's "Elude."

Also discussed in this episode, Wacken 2003 Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance"

https://youtu.be/0aZugBpRV- In-Defilade Lyric Video "Apparent Adversary" 2017


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Episode 006- Jim LaMarca

Podcast 3: Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 1

Tune in for some amazing advice from one of death metal's leading guitarists and frontmen. In this 2 part series we discuss everything from practice regimen to touring and releasing albums. Great advice to apply to your project of any genre.

Podcast 7: Kreisloff Lofgren

Music holds no bounds...from country to metal. Kreishloff Lofgren discuss all things from: guitar rigs, practice regimen, studio execution, songwriting, and touring with Lecherous Nocturne & The Marshall Tucker Band. You are bound to take something away from this episode no matter what genre you play!

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Podcast 6: Jim LaMarca

Jim LaMarca (CHIMAIRA/IMPENDING LIES), stops by to discuss the importance of networking, promoting your band, what it's like touring with Slayer, Slipknot, and staying atop the metal music scene in Chimaira 15+ years...

Episode 009- George Kollias

Episode 003- Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 2

Episode 007- Kreishloff Lofgren

Podcast 3: Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 2

From studio prep and execution, being smart with your $ and having a long-term successful musical career, playing with the upper echelon of extreme metal drummers like Roddy or Kollias, his inspiration and origin for Narcotic Wasteland, contributing solo's to the latest In-Defilade record, and his upcoming tour and latest release "Delerium-Tremens." 

Podcast 9: George Kollias

Drum clinician and master "skins-man," George Kollias drops in to share his advice on making a sustainable music career as a professional touring/session drummer and clinician. His website is full of lessons on how to develop into a monster at the kit like he is. Checkout www.GeorgeKollias.com for more information.

Episode 008- James Payne