Podcast 1: Introduction

​Checkout our first Level3Studios podcast!

A brief 5-minute intro to the show and what the discussion/focus will be. Checkout our first episode below. If you're looking to book studio time, this podcast will be covering all aspects of how to get a professional production and best practices in the studio to maximize you time and dollars.

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Podcast 6: Jim LaMarca

Jim LaMarca (CHIMAIRA/IMPENDING LIES), stops by to discuss the importance of networking, promoting your band, what it's like touring with Slayer, Slipknot, and staying atop the metal music scene in Chimaira 15+ years...

Podcast 3: Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 1

Tune in for some amazing advice from one of death metal's leading guitarists and frontmen. In this 2 part series we discuss everything from practice regimen to touring and releasing albums. Great advice to apply to your project of any genre.

Podcast 5: Jon Vesano

Jon Vesano stops by to discuss all things metal, what's it's like touring the world with Nile, and the upcoming release of In-Defilade's "Elude."

Also discussed in this episode, Wacken 2003 Nile "Black Seeds of Vengeance"

https://youtu.be/0aZugBpRV- In-Defilade Lyric Video "Apparent Adversary" 2017


Episode 005- Jon Vesano

Podcast 2: Quality

What does installing a garage door and producing quality audio have in common? Strange comparison, I know. Tune in and i'll explain why.

How focusing on quality over quantity actually saves you money in the long run.

Episode 003- Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 1

Episode 002- Quality and why it matters

The new Level3Studios podcast is here!

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Podcast 3: Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 2

From studio prep and execution, being smart with your $ and having a long-term successful musical career, playing with the upper echelon of extreme metal drummers like Roddy or Kollias, his inspiration and origin for Narcotic Wasteland, contributing solo's to the latest In-Defilade record, and his upcoming tour and latest release "Delerium-Tremens." 

Episode 003- Dallas Toler-Wade pt. 2

Episode 006- Jim LaMarca