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The Apollo Affair



The Apollo Affair

Beau Osland

In-Defilade drum session setup

Audio Production~Mixing~Session Drums-Mastering                                 Oregon, WI USA

  Professional results at affordable rates.     

  Whatever your audio needs, Level 3 Studios will help you get there..

At Level 3 Studios utilize high end A/D (Analog to Digital) conversion in conjunction with top analog preamps and microphones to capture your performance the way it was meant to be.

Whether you are looking for the full range of production, recording a voice over, or simply need your pre-recorded tracks mixed, we are your solution.

We work in all areas of music production including: 

  • Live Tracking and Production
  • Mixing/Editing ​
  • Vocal Tuning /Voice Over Work
  • Audio Restoration
  • Drum recording for your song(s)
  • Mastering Services